Wedding season is over for a while, and it’s very nearly Christmas so portraits are done, so it was time to do something different from my usual photographs.

Here’s a technique I’ve been wanting to try for a while. The main hold-up was me getting around to cleaning the car!

As a photographer in Hull, I kind of had to use this location, despite having no interest in football or rugby, but I managed to find a spot in the KC Stadium carpark that was dark enough to use.

It involves several long exposures, walking around the subject in the dark with a steady light source, like a torch, or in my case a video light, and painting parts of the car with the light. When you’re back at home warming up, you spend some some time merging the photos together to assemble the lit parts in Photoshop.

If you have a car nicer than my people carrier and would like something similar done, get in touch and we can talk ideas.

See the video here: