It’s getting later in the wedding season now, but we had a lovely day last Saturday at The KP Club, Pocklington. I had already been for a walk around the place with Zoe and Clinton a few months earlier, where we also did a pre-wedding shoot as they wanted a signing board, so we’d scoped out the best places to go, as this is a golf club and they don’t like photographers jumping all over their greens, so we had to be careful where we went!

As a wedding photographer we get the privilege of experiencing the wedding day close-up, despite being an outsider, so we get to see the dramas that can sometimes be created. Today was no exception when, one hour before the ceremony, one of the groomsmen announced that he couldn’t find his shirt or waistcoat, but was in fact back in Hull, 30 miles away!

After some worried head-scratching and some sort of time-travel witchcraft, he managed to be back and dressed in time for the ceremony and from then it was all plain-sailing, with a lovely day to boot, and a rocking band for the evening reception!